The tourcompany «Russkii Renessans» carries out the activity since 2002. We have finance guarantee and in according with law of Rusia we are operators in International incoming tourism. We do informal ivitations for incoming foreing tourists.

The main direction of our activity are:

  • reception of tourist,
  • booking of hotels in Moscow,
  • in Saint Petersburg,
  • in towns of Golden Ring,
  • tours to Moscow,
  • excursion through Moscow,
  • organization excursion tours to another towns of Russia and other countries.

In our arsenal there are both groups and individual trips to Moscow, to Saint Petersburg, to the towns of Golden Ring. Else, there are tours including excursion program of both capital – Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

We also provide booking of hotels, tickets, transfers, any tourist round and excursions. And, of course, we can offer classic excursion trips to Moscow on 2, 3, 4 or 5 days, where you may introduce with historical objects of Moscow such as:

  • the Kremlin,
  • Tsar Cannon and Tsar Bell,
  • Armoury Chamber,
  • Red Square,
  • Poklonnaya Mountain,
  • Ostankinskaya TV tower,
  • State Tretyakov Gallery,
  • museum-reserve Kolomenskoe,
  • the memorial museum of cosmonautics,
  • Old Arbat,
  • Zamoscvorech^e,
  • the Diamond Fund,
  • the Cathedral of Christ the Savior…

Best guide works with us.

We can offer best discounted prices. 

ООО Turisticheskaya kompaniya "Russkiy Renessans"

Mission of company: 
Harmonious development of persoality for harmonious development of State.

Device of company:
"Wind of history and rhythm of modern. Feell them with us...."

Important tasks of company:

  • Disintegration overcoming in the Russian society, by means of rendering services in reception of the Russian tourists in Moscow.
  • Investments into economy of Moscow and Russia, creation of new workplaces:
    • Incom in Russia.
  • Increase of cultural and educational level of citizens of Russia, patriotic education of youth:
    • Ecxursijn tours in Russia (Moscow, Moscow district, Saint-Petesburg, Golden Ring, Pskov, Novgorod, Smolensk)
  • Organization quality and useful rest of peaple  

Competitive advantages of company:

  • Best correlation between price and quality
  • Problems are not nuisance. We solves them
  • We do our work rapidly and dutiful
  • We are discharge one's obligations.
  • Reach assortment of unique programms мм.
  • Superfluous information for tourists.

Ecology tourizm:

  • Baikal.
  • Seliger.
  • Far East.
  • Altai.

Caritable programms:

  • Финансовое участие в существующих.

P.S.: курсивом выделены направления на перспективу.